Should I be hurtful or helpful? 🤷‍♂️

Last week my kid had a small cough.

And even though the doctor checked him out, said everything was fine, wrote a note, etc… the teachers wouldn’t let him back at school until the cough was gone.

So, he stayed home with me all last week.

Anyway, he’s better now, back at school, but yesterday one of the teachers handed me a letter… It was a formal notice scrutinizing my kids “low attendance” for the month of September. WTF! 😤. The reason he wasn’t at school for a full week is because they wouldn’t let him go!

So now, I’m not really sure how to feel… On the one hand, I want to get upset, tell them to shove their notice, point out they are missing the forrest through the trees, and gossip with the other dad-moms about this crappy school.


I could feel compassion for them. I mean, the reason teachers do seemingly dumb stuff sometimes might be because their job is 100x harder than most people’s… Maybe I’m the one missing the big picture? Instead of being mad, maybe I should do something nice for them?

Maybe I should buy them all coffee one morning? Bring them some thank you gifts? Maybe I should offer to volunteer in the classroom?

What do you think? Should I waste my mental energy being annoyed, or just rise above it and be part of the help?

(you don’t need to respond, I already know the answer 😉)

Happy Friday!!!
– Joel

“the first official event for the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque is when they bring a balloon or two to each of the elementary schools. We got to watch the whole inflation process close enough to feel the heat from the propane burners.” – From Kyla 🙏

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