April 16, 2018



Hey there, I’m Joel.

I’m 36 and live in Los Angeles.

At first glance I’m just an average guy… Average height, weight, looks, IQ, skills, etc.

But there’s a few things I’ve been doing differently lately that have elevated my life to above average:

  1. Every day I’m making better use of my time. I now get up at 5am every morning
  2. Every day I’m making better use of my money. I’m on a fast track to Financial Independence!

**Update May 2020**  I am the new resident blogger over at BudgetsAreSexy, a personal finance site owned by The Motley Fool. 🙂  All posts about financial independence, real estate investing, and early retirement are published over there going forward!

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If you wanna hear my weird hybrid Aussie/American accent, check out these podcasts:

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Friends on Fire Podcast




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