Friday Happiness Checklist v3! βœ…

Today I have 10 small challenges for you…

As you check off each one, watch your happiness increase!! 😎


Challenge #1: No complaining, ALL DAY today!

Challenge #2: Think of 3 good things that happened this week… (You don’t have to write them down… but, sharing is caring and other people love hearing your wins! So share them with others if you can!)

Challenge #3: Turn your cell phone off for 1 full hour at some point during today.

Challenge #4: Give a co-worker a compliment! “Hey dude, that thing you did the other day… I was actually pretty impressed. I like working with smart people like you… Cheers and happy Friday.”

Challenge #5: Do 1 x push-up. (this is a trick, because nobody just does 1 push-up. Once you’re down on the floor you may as well do ~10 or 20!)

Challenge #6: Do a small favor for someone, without them asking for it.

Challenge #7: Look in the mirror and remind yourself how awesome you are and how blessed your life is! (Like Jessica’s daily affirmation!)

Challenge #8: Eat at least 1 healthy meal today! Bonus points if you cook it from scratch.

Challenge #9: Watch the sunset tonight. (What time is the sunset tonight? Google knows – click here)

Challenge #10: Light a candle during dinner tonight. πŸ•― Make it special. Make it a celebration.

Happy Friday, y’all!
– Joel

Found an old video of Cooper shaking in slow motion… (click the picture to see the video)