This weekends good vibe forecast…

Good morning everyone this is 5am Joel with your good vibes forecast for the weekend… 👨‍🏫 Today we’re expecting mostly happiness with a chance of awesome. There’s a 90% probability of delicious coffee this morning, bringing some energetic feelings and a wave of optimism. Around midday we expect some inner peace to roll in, shedding Read more about This weekends good vibe forecast…[…]

GameStock Saga – check your motive

I’m not a stock market expert. But I’ve studied enough to know this… If you invest with the intent of revenge, greed, fear of missing out, getting rich quick, or hurting others, you will almost certainly fail in the long run. Rather, if you invest in value, think long term, master patience, study things thoroughly, Read more about GameStock Saga – check your motive[…]

A few Friday love stories for ya…

Last Friday on my volunteering shift, I got a special assignment… One of the clients has been requesting some pie for several months. The standard issue meals can get a bit bland, so he’s been asking constantly if meals on wheels can bring him some pie – to change things up. So last week, one Read more about A few Friday love stories for ya…[…]

Chinese New Year 🏮 🏮 – Let’s celebrate!

🏮Happy Chinese New Year!!!🏮 Here are some fun facts for ya… About 2 Billion people will be celebrating Chinese new year today! (actually they started last night and will continue for the next 15 days – that’s a long holiday!) More fireworks will be set off today than any other day of the year! These Read more about Chinese New Year 🏮 🏮 – Let’s celebrate![…]

Mood follows action

Most humans have a tendency to wait until the mood strikes them before taking action. We think things like, “I don’t feel inspired right now, maybe I’ll just do xyz later”. Or, “I’m not very motivated today, better start my project tomorrow when I’ve got energy.” But the truth is: Moods follow actions. Not the other way Read more about Mood follows action[…]

Shift your perspective, my friend.

Dwelling on the negative is like tying your shoe laces together. It trips you with every step. Actually it’s worse… It’s also like tying your friends laces together as well as all the other people around you. Negativity slows your entire world down. So shift your perspective. Focus on the positive! Take your shoes off Read more about Shift your perspective, my friend.[…]

How to increase your value 💪

Ben Franklin once said… ”Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.” Following this logic, I have 2 missions for you today… Make a teeny tiny step towards removing one of your bad habits. Make a teeny tiny improvement in solidifying Read more about How to increase your value 💪[…]

Happiness fuels success, not the other way around

My friend Cory shot me this yesterday… “I just read a book called The Happiness Advantage (<—- affilly link!). Turns out there is a whole branch of psychology that studies happiness. The author summarized a bunch of research and came up with a really cool discovery! Most people see that “successful” people tend to be Read more about Happiness fuels success, not the other way around[…]

Only got one life. Don’t blow it.

Kevin Hart said on a podcast recently… “I was married to my career and dating my family… (this was before breaking his back in a car accident) …but when you’re laying in the hospital, none of the stuff you “think” are valuable are in the room”. A good reminder to take a quick moment today Read more about Only got one life. Don’t blow it.[…]

More fun volunteering stories…

[Each Friday I volunteer at Meals on Wheels in Santa Monica. Delivering food is not a glamorous job, so I make the most of it by looking on the bright side, and collecting weird/funny stories to share with you guys!…  All past stories here.] ****** Yesterday I delivered food to one my regular clients. I Read more about More fun volunteering stories…[…]

Friday = MY day

“Friday. The golden child of the weekdays. The superhero of the workweek. The welcome wagon to the weekend.” Think; Friday is my day. And nothing’s gonna bring me down today. Woot woot! Have a wicked day my dudes! – Joel From the archives, 2013. There was a period where Coops’ ears grew faster than the rest of his body.

Tuesday GRIT 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

“Grit is perseverance for very long term goals. Grit is sticking with your future, day-in, day-out. Not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years… And working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” – Angela Duckworth. ******* Happy Read more about Tuesday GRIT 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️[…]

If you’re not changing it, you’re choosing it.

Came across a cool saying the other day… “whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing.” I think we all get stuck in situations we don’t like in life. We outgrow the places we live, grow tired of the jobs we work, maybe our friends situation needs repairing… But if we don’t make changes to improve our Read more about If you’re not changing it, you’re choosing it.[…]

Silence isn’t empty.

“Silence isn’t empty. It’s actually FULL of answers”   Take a few moments today to explore the silence. Practice stillness and find quietude. It’s a really cool way to start the weekend 😎. Have a good one, Joel *Pic taken at sunrise yesterday in Coorong, South Australia

When everyone around you is winning

“Just because everyone around you is winning, that doesn’t mean that you are losing” People are making a ton of money investing right now. They are killing it in their careers. They’re happy and thriving. There are countless world issues going on, yet everywhere I look, people seem to be doing really well. I’m confused. Read more about When everyone around you is winning[…]

Success requires absolute commitment

Success requires absolute commitment

Happy Monday!! I saw this phrase the other day… “Success requires absolute commitment.” It’s got me thinking, am I absolutely committed to my goals? Or just like, mostly committed? Would I get up 2 hours earlier in the freezing morning to work on my goals? Would I say No to drinking with my buddies so Read more about Success requires absolute commitment[…]

Let’s try this again… Your 2021 Playbook

Last year taught me that sometimes stuff doesn’t go as planned. You could design a kickass playbook for 2021, but there will still be events that throw you off course and mess up your plans. Events happen that are outside of your control. But, what we can control is a) how prepared we are and b) how we Read more about Let’s try this again… Your 2021 Playbook[…]