Another “outrageously generous” story…

Mornin’ mornin’!! Remember my “outrageously generous” friend, Steve? Well he just sent me another cool story I wanted to share with you guys… “After our family church zoom call I got to thinking about how Mary and Joseph probably felt not being able to find shelter. So I called up a few extended stay motels Read more about Another “outrageously generous” story…[…]

Book Recommendations: For You, From You!

Happy Friday y’all! I received about a billion book recommendations yesterday! And after a lot of cutting and pasting and linking, here they all are in one big list! (It’s more like ~50, not a billion 😊) These links are all Amazon links, but if you are interested in reading any books I definitely recommend Read more about Book Recommendations: For You, From You![…]

A frugal and effective happiness trick…

Mornin’ happy people! Today I’m sharing a snippet from a post over at The Frugal Girl. (h/t to J.Money for sharing with me!) 👇👇👇 “Another tip that’s both frugal and effective in boosting happiness: a decade ago I started a project where I took two empty jars, and put “good moments” in one jar, and Read more about A frugal and effective happiness trick…[…]

Today = a worldwide celebration of generosity 👐

Happy #GivingTuesday!! Now that Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Turkey Thursday and Sexytime Sunday are all over 😉… it’s time to get back to what the holiday season is *truly* all about!… GIVING and HELPING others! “#GivingTuesday is an opportunity for people around the world to come together through generosity in all its forms by sharing Read more about Today = a worldwide celebration of generosity 👐[…]

Proud to be an “imposter”.

Imposter syndrome… It happens everywhere, at every level of life. Trying something new?… Imposter syndrome. Leveling up or getting a promotion?… Imposter syndrome. Networking, making new friends, visiting new place’s?… Imposter syndrome. Everyone feels it. So…. Instead of feeling weird, running from it, or letting it hold me back, from this day forward, I’m going Read more about Proud to be an “imposter”.[…]

Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Most people wander around life, trying to find “happiness”. They think it’s a thing, a place, a person, a promotion… they travel far and wide to find it. But the truth is, happiness is already inside them. It’s a direction, not a place. To unlock happiness you just gotta be present, and pay attention to Read more about Happiness is a direction, not a place.[…]

Happy Spanksgiving! 🍁

Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! This is my 13th year celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA. Growing up in Australia, we didn’t have Thanksgiving and there’s actually no holiday like it down there. When I moved to the US, it quickly became my favorite holiday! Everyone sitting around, family and friends, sharing delicious food, giving thanks for Read more about Happy Spanksgiving! 🍁[…]

Proof that more money doesn’t equal more daily happiness

I got some kind of big news last week… We had one of our rental properties appraised, and it’s risen in value by a whopping $46,000 since this time last year! Holy moly!!! I’m $46k richer!! Now, let me explain all the ways this will affect my daily life and happiness… Do you know how Read more about Proof that more money doesn’t equal more daily happiness[…]

Set a date –> Make a change

This is one of my favorite stories… A buddy of mine, Kevin, was a successful lawyer years ago. Although his career was going well, he was miserable and stressed at his job. So, one day he set a calendar appointment exactly 1 year into the future labelled “Quit my job”. Throughout that year he experimented, Read more about Set a date –> Make a change[…]

Happiness is pretty simple

Happy Friday, beautiful souls! Just a quick reminder for today… Happiness is not about having everything you want in life. It’s about wanting everything you already have. 🏡 🍔 🚗 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ❤️ ☀️ = 😀 Wishing you a great day out there, appreciating your awesome stuff in life. Cheers! – Joel **Update: A reader sent Read more about Happiness is pretty simple[…]

Ask Me Anything – Round 3 (Blogging and Writing Stuff)

Good morning! Here are the questions I got about writing and blogging, along with answers. For anyone out there that still has questions or wants to dig a lil deeper into something, I’m always open to chat and help wherever I can. Hit me up! ****** From Drew M:   I’d love to know if you Read more about Ask Me Anything – Round 3 (Blogging and Writing Stuff)[…]

I wrote 1/30th of a book!

I usually don’t use this email list for self-promotion… but today I’m making an exception! I’m just really excited because I contributed to a fun new money book that is being released later this month… Wooohoo 🥳 It’s called: Money Mastermind About 30 money experts came together to write a book (I contributed 1 chapter Read more about I wrote 1/30th of a book![…]

Reminder: 100 days until Valentines Day 2022

Happy Friday, beautiful souls! This is your annual reminder that starting tomorrow (Saturday Nov 6th) it’ll be exactly 100 days until Valentine’s Day 2022! So if you want to try making the most romantic (and FREE) Valentine’s Day gift of 100 love letters, tomorrow is the day to start. About ~15 people did it last Read more about Reminder: 100 days until Valentines Day 2022[…]

A thin veil between this world –> and the next.

Happy Sunday! And happy Halloween! 💀 Today begins Día de los Muertos, a beautiful celebration of life and death. When you’re out tonight trick-or-treating and going to parties, take a quick moment to remember your lost loved ones. One day someone will be remembering you the way you are remembering them.   “There is no Read more about A thin veil between this world –> and the next.[…]

Ramming speed!

Today, I’m activating “Ramming Speed!” I’ll be attacking my to-do list head on, bashing through obstacles and challenges. Problem at work? Ramming speed! Angry client? Ramming speed! Bad traffic on the freeway? Ramming speed! (on second thoughts, maybe no ramming while driving is better) Wishing you all a STRONG day ahead. You are an unstoppable Read more about Ramming speed![…]

How do you cheer yourself up?

A few weeks back I asked you guys “How do you cheer yourself up, snap out of a bad mood, and switch from negative to positive thinking?”… 7 brave soles responded, and here are the replies below! (and right at the very bottom, I’m adding a link to my personal massive list I’ve been building Read more about How do you cheer yourself up?[…]

Friday Celebrations 🎉🥳🍾🙌

3 things I’m celebrating this week: First off, my wife finished her first grad school class and got a score of… 100%!!! Yep, she’s awesome like that. 🏆 One of our real estate partnerships paid a huge dividend this month! Thank you bonkers real estate market! 🤑 Lastly, I found a new jacket. It was Read more about Friday Celebrations 🎉🥳🍾🙌[…]

Please excuse the bad language 🤭

unfuckwithable un·fuck·with·a·ble (adjective) When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama can touch you. “Today, I’m feeling great and nobody will deter me from accomplishing my goals. I’m unfuckwithable.” ***** Sorry for the bad language!… But what a powerful Read more about Please excuse the bad language 🤭[…]

Be someone’s rainbow this weekend 🌩🌈

Good morning and happy Saturday!! How ya’ll feeling out there? I read a really cool quote the other day — “be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud” Got me thinking… We all have the awesome ability to make a difference in someone else’s life. Most rainbows pop up unexpectedly, and instantly cheer people up. And Read more about Be someone’s rainbow this weekend 🌩🌈[…]

Ways to cheer yourself up

101 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up and Be Happy!

Here’s a list of 101 ways to cheer yourself up! Some of them are a little weird, but bear with me — there are some really fun ones in here… Try them out and let me know what you think! And remember, we all have tough days and go through weird moods. It’s natural. But Read more about 101 Ways to Cheer Yourself Up and Be Happy![…]

It’s Friday! Lettuce celebrate 🥬

Happy Friday, and happy 1st of the month! My wife and I like to celebrate every 1st of the month… It’s a tradition we started many years ago to cheers our wins, acknowledge our blessings, and share celebrations with others. Here’s a few cool things going on in our world last month: My rockstar wife Read more about It’s Friday! Lettuce celebrate 🥬[…]

Let your tiny little thoughts grow… 🌱

I don’t feel very creative this morning. Some days I wake up and have zero motivation. But here’s the thing… If I force myself to just think of 1 teeny tiny little positive thing, it kicks off a snowball of positivity that gets me out of my funk. For example:  Right now I’m looking around Read more about Let your tiny little thoughts grow… 🌱[…]

Put your brain on Airplane Mode ✈️

Happy Sunday everyone! What a beautiful morning! Today, I’m living life in airplane mode… Not just on my cell phone, but airplane mode for my mind! This means… muting excess noise and drama entering my life rebuilding boundaries focusing on family/friends and what’s truly important, without distractions silencing work problems that can be solved tomorrow Read more about Put your brain on Airplane Mode ✈️[…]

Mix up your ingredients 👐

”You carry all the ingredients to turn your experience into joy. Mix them.” – Hafiz ***** Good morning happy people! It’s true… You carry all the stuff necessary… Inside your brain are positive thoughts, inside your heart is happiness, inside your muscles is energy, etc. Now you just gotta mix up all the ingredients and Read more about Mix up your ingredients 👐[…]

Marriage Advice Quotes – From 27 Real Couples…

Good morning everyone! LOVE is in the air. 💕 Here are the results from the marriage advice survey this week. 27 couples ranging from 6 years all the way up to 50 years happily married. Thank you to everyone who participated. Here we go!… ***** Marriage Advice Quotes: “Friendship, Communication & Honesty” – Yvonne & Read more about Marriage Advice Quotes – From 27 Real Couples…[…]

Just because I’m wandering, it doesn’t mean that I’m lost

Sometimes I’ll ask my wife what our plans are for the weekend and she’ll say… ”We’re on the no-plan plan” It means we have no set commitments and can do whatever we want. I love weekends like this. We can be spontaneous, follow curiosities and do whatever we want in the moment. Also reminds me Read more about Just because I’m wandering, it doesn’t mean that I’m lost[…]