Be someone’s rainbow this weekend 🌩🌈

Good morning and happy Saturday!!

How ya’ll feeling out there?

I read a really cool quote the other day — “be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud”

Got me thinking… We all have the awesome ability to make a difference in someone else’s life. Most rainbows pop up unexpectedly, and instantly cheer people up.

And cheering someone up is not even that hard to do! Small things go a loooong way.

So while you’re out this weekend working on your own happiness, look around for people with storm clouds and share some of your happiness with them too.

Be the rainbow.

Cheers to a fun weekend ahead!!
Love, Joel

This week my wife went to check in on her old classroom (the kids she taught last year)… and found this on a whiteboard. It’s an essay outline about “why Mrs. O’Leary is the best”. 😍

High schoolers can be little buggers sometimes but daaaang this is evidence that they can be charming and lovely sometimes too! 🙂