There’s a couch on the road! 🛋

You’re cruising along, minding your own business, working hard towards your goals in life… then suddenly a couch appears in the middle of your road!? 🛋 (Sometimes it’s a metaphorical couch, and sometimes it’s a real couch.) You’re momentarily stuck. What do you do now? Do you get angry, complain, blame others, feel sorry for Read more about There’s a couch on the road! 🛋[…]

Good vibes coming your way

Happy Saturday!!! Wishing you lots of happiness, good vibes, positivity, smiles, hugs and kisses, special moments, delicious foods, relaxing naps, unexpected presents, random signs from the universe, free money, inner peace, uncontrollable laughter, celebrations, play time with friends, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… Did I miss anything? Basically whatever stuff you love in Read more about Good vibes coming your way[…]

Living a truly rich life…

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money” Money is important… But life’s true riches lie elsewhere: Relationships. Experiences. Memories. Love. Time. Peace. Wishing you a happy weekend, filled with the good stuff that money can’t buy. Love, Joel My homemade walnut bread turned out awesome!

And the haters gonna hate…

A “hater” is someone who discredits, devalues or downplays your accomplishments. Unfortunately, everyone experiences haters from time to time. It’s sad, and it hurts. But you can’t let haters get you down or stop you from doing what you do. When a hater attacks you can: a) Spend your time worrying about it, and guessing Read more about And the haters gonna hate…[…]

Another awesome day to ______________

“While you were waking up this morning, someone else out there was breathing their last breath.” Sorry for the morbid-ish quote so early in the morning… Actually this message isn’t about death… It’s about LIFE!! And how each day you wake up breathing is a blessing. And how we should take advantage of another opportunity Read more about Another awesome day to ______________[…]

Stresslaxing | A Few Things That Might Help

I heard a new word floating around recently… Stresslaxing. It means: “when relaxing activities make you even more stressed, because you’re not out working on whatever is making you stressed in the first place” Have you ever felt this? Like sometimes stressful work or problems in life start to invade your personal time and you Read more about Stresslaxing | A Few Things That Might Help[…]

Look for the –> bare necessities 🐜🐛

“Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife. I mean the bare necessities That’s why a bear can rest at ease With just the bare necessities of life” – Baloo, Jungle Book Hey y’all, it’s the weekend! And I’m thinking we should give away all our worldly Read more about Look for the –> bare necessities 🐜🐛[…]

Bring the “weekend you” to work today…

Here’s a little secret to having a good Monday… You see, most people think they have to change who they are at work. Monday feels like when the “weekend you” needs to morph back into the rigid “weekday you”. But the secret to having a good Monday —> is to never stop being the weekend Read more about Bring the “weekend you” to work today…[…]

stars don't shine they burn

Stars don’t shine. They burn.

This was my favorite line from the movie Encanto… Stars don’t shine. They burn. When I first heard it I was like, “aaah, what the heck does that mean?” Then I started thinking… Most people look at stars and see perfect, beautiful, unreachable diamonds that twinkle in the sky. But in reality, stars are raging Read more about Stars don’t shine. They burn.[…]

Bad news and good news…

Hello and happy Friday!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past couple days… got some bad news — I tested positive for covid on Wednesday so I’ve been sleeping in and resting a lot. But the good news is: my symptoms are light, my fridge is full, I work from home, my neighbors/friends/family are all supportive, Read more about Bad news and good news…[…]

Your niceness, stretching 2x as far…

Got this email yesterday from my brother… “I was recently reading this article about how during Covid people have been going ape-shit at front-line workers. Long story short, people are insanely rude in public these days. Sad. But the silver lining is, now it’s even easier to totally make someone’s day. Customer service workers report Read more about Your niceness, stretching 2x as far…[…]

You’ll be ready –> when you are ready

There’s a lot of pressure these days to do things NOW, achieve things ASAP, to 10X your goals, retire “early”, refashion yourself overnight, etc. Well today’s message is the opposite. Sometimes you’re ready, whenever you are ready. It’s OK to grow at your own pace. And grow you will. When you are ready. It’s only Read more about You’ll be ready –> when you are ready[…]

Doing your best — varies day to day

Came across this awesome graphic yesterday… courtesy of @lizandmollie It got me thinking about how progress comes and goes in waves. Sometimes progress is fast. Sometimes it’s slow. Sometimes it’s backwards 🙁 But, there are always more good days than bad ones, more forward days than backwards days, and more satisfaction than regrets. Progress is Read more about Doing your best — varies day to day[…]

This year, light 1000 candles 🕯

Did you know that… One single candle 🔥  can light 1000 other candles, without shortening its own life? Well, it’s the same with sharing happiness… One single happy person 😁  can light up the lives of 1000 other people, without decreasing their own happiness supply. So this is my challenge for you in 2022: Share Read more about This year, light 1000 candles 🕯[…]

Another “outrageously generous” story…

Mornin’ mornin’!! Remember my “outrageously generous” friend, Steve? Well he just sent me another cool story I wanted to share with you guys… “After our family church zoom call I got to thinking about how Mary and Joseph probably felt not being able to find shelter. So I called up a few extended stay motels Read more about Another “outrageously generous” story…[…]

Book Recommendations: For You, From You!

Happy Friday y’all! I received about a billion book recommendations yesterday! And after a lot of cutting and pasting and linking, here they all are in one big list! (It’s more like ~50, not a billion 😊) These links are all Amazon links, but if you are interested in reading any books I definitely recommend Read more about Book Recommendations: For You, From You![…]

A frugal and effective happiness trick…

Mornin’ happy people! Today I’m sharing a snippet from a post over at The Frugal Girl. (h/t to J.Money for sharing with me!) 👇👇👇 “Another tip that’s both frugal and effective in boosting happiness: a decade ago I started a project where I took two empty jars, and put “good moments” in one jar, and Read more about A frugal and effective happiness trick…[…]

Proud to be an “imposter”.

Imposter syndrome… It happens everywhere, at every level of life. Trying something new?… Imposter syndrome. Leveling up or getting a promotion?… Imposter syndrome. Networking, making new friends, visiting new place’s?… Imposter syndrome. Everyone feels it. So…. Instead of feeling weird, running from it, or letting it hold me back, from this day forward, I’m going Read more about Proud to be an “imposter”.[…]

Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Most people wander around life, trying to find “happiness”. They think it’s a thing, a place, a person, a promotion… they travel far and wide to find it. But the truth is, happiness is already inside them. It’s a direction, not a place. To unlock happiness you just gotta be present, and pay attention to Read more about Happiness is a direction, not a place.[…]

Happy Spanksgiving! 🍁

Woohoo! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! This is my 13th year celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA. Growing up in Australia, we didn’t have Thanksgiving and there’s actually no holiday like it down there. When I moved to the US, it quickly became my favorite holiday! Everyone sitting around, family and friends, sharing delicious food, giving thanks for Read more about Happy Spanksgiving! 🍁[…]

Happiness is pretty simple

Happy Friday, beautiful souls! Just a quick reminder for today… Happiness is not about having everything you want in life. It’s about wanting everything you already have. 🏡 🍔 🚗 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ❤️ ☀️ = 😀 Wishing you a great day out there, appreciating your awesome stuff in life. Cheers! – Joel **Update: A reader sent Read more about Happiness is pretty simple[…]

A thin veil between this world –> and the next.

Happy Sunday! And happy Halloween! 💀 Today begins Día de los Muertos, a beautiful celebration of life and death. When you’re out tonight trick-or-treating and going to parties, take a quick moment to remember your lost loved ones. One day someone will be remembering you the way you are remembering them.   “There is no Read more about A thin veil between this world –> and the next.[…]

Ramming speed!

Today, I’m activating “Ramming Speed!” I’ll be attacking my to-do list head on, bashing through obstacles and challenges. Problem at work? Ramming speed! Angry client? Ramming speed! Bad traffic on the freeway? Ramming speed! (on second thoughts, maybe no ramming while driving is better) Wishing you all a STRONG day ahead. You are an unstoppable Read more about Ramming speed![…]