Cloudy days make the best sunsets 🌦

Received this cool note from Camilla last week… πŸ‘‡

“I realized something – most of the pictures I have aren’t of the sun itself, but of the beauty the sun creates. Looking at the sun itself is painful and it isn’t always pretty, but when the sun is part of something else, it is inevitably beautiful”

It’s so true… The sun has the ability to turn ugly or average situations into beautiful masterpieces. It brings out silver linings and shows a different perspective of what’s right in front of us. Some of the best sunsets happen on cloudy or foggy days.

This got me thinking… πŸ€”

If we want killer sunsets, we have to endure cloudy days.

Just like setbacks, struggles and hard times in life… These are all necessary pieces of a complete and beautiful life. When the sun comes out (it always does) it offers reflection and silver linings that enhance our entire life experience.

So for all those who are going through rough patches in life right now… hang in there. You probably have the most killer sunsets coming your way!

Happy Wednesday!
– Joel

Also from Camilla… “These windows are an original part of the 150-year-old building, so they have some historical value. But what made this special is that these windows are in an area that is closed off from the inside, so most people never get to see this, which is a shame.”