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Your 200 Year Plan: Your Legacy

  The presenter asked, “By show of hands, who out there has a 5 year plan?” About 200 of us were all packed inside a mid-sized training room at my company headquarters. I raised my hand. Looking around it surprised me that most of the audience had their hand up also. Apparently everyone these days Read more about Your 200 Year Plan: Your Legacy[…]

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Today Statistics – Pre-Christmas…

  Did you know, today…   – You’re probably going to get richer! Because statistically, Monday is the most likely day of the week that the US stock market will rise, rather than fall. – We’re probably in for good weather, too… Mondays have the least chance of rain! – There will be 384,701 babies born today. Read more about Today Statistics – Pre-Christmas…[…]

Financial FOMO draw

Financial FOMO: What, Why and How To Avoid It.

What is Financial FOMO? You’ve probably heard of regular FOMO, which is the fear of missing out. It’s when you worry or have anxiety about missing out on fun and memorable experiences in life. What about Financial FOMO? Financial FOMO is a little more specific. It’s when you worry about missing out on financial success Read more about Financial FOMO: What, Why and How To Avoid It.[…]

Meals on Wheels volunteering

More fun volunteering stories!

Good morning! Here’s 5 quick stories from my recent Meals on Wheels adventures… – Last week I delivered to an old lady, and when she answered the door she had no pants on. Instead of acting shy or apologizing, she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “I don’t really feel like Read more about More fun volunteering stories![…]

kicking old habits

18 Days Healthier and $90 Wealthier!

“We become what we repeatedly do” I came across this quote recently and it reminded me to review my daily habits. I gotta keep the good ones and shed the ones that no longer serve me! As part of this, I have stopped drinking for the past couple weeks. It hasn’t been hard at all, Read more about 18 Days Healthier and $90 Wealthier![…]

The dead need us, just as much as we need them

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful Mexican holiday to remember and celebrate friends and family members who have passed away. This is my second year building an ofrenda at home. Sitting here by the peaceful candlelight, I’m thinking two things: – First, I’m thinking about the great lives these loved ones lived. Some of Read more about The dead need us, just as much as we need them[…]

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Halloween – Statistics in the USA – 2019

  Today is Halloween! And there’s some weird stuff going on tonight… – Americans will spend about $8.8 billion in preparation for Halloween tonight 🤮. – 22% of Americans will go to a haunted house attraction. – And 80% of those haunted houses are operated by charities! (It’s a good thing, because they generate ~$300mil Read more about Halloween – Statistics in the USA – 2019[…]

Pessimists are right too!

The Pessimists are Always Right (In the Short Term)

  The Pessimists are always right! (in the short term) – Guest post written by Joel’s Dad! –   Do you ever get tempted to divide everyone up into optimists and pessimists? Optimists are always looking on the bright side; “glass half full”, ready to accept even the smallest chance of success against the odds. Read more about The Pessimists are Always Right (In the Short Term)[…]

wishing and hoping

Replace Wishing with Working

You get what your work for, not what you wish for.   Back in my early 20’s, I used to hate Mondays. I sat in my cubicle at work just wishing my life would be better. Week after week, nothing improved. As I grew older I changed my attitude towards “work”. I realized my chances of achieving the things I wanted Read more about Replace Wishing with Working[…]

Dumping Amazon PRIME

  Earlier this year I cancelled my Amazon PRIME membership. It’s not because I’m disgruntled or didn’t enjoy their service. I’m actually a huge fan of Amazon. My reasons for cancelling were: I realized the “benefits” of PRIME membership can easily be found elsewhere – free shipping, fast shipping, convenience, streaming, etc. is not unique Read more about Dumping Amazon PRIME[…]

I hate leaf blowers

Don’t be a leaf blower!

I hate leaf blowers. Every Monday my gardeners come and fire up 2 loud leaf blowers. They circle around my house blowing all the leaves, dust, sticks and rocks away from my yard and straight into my neighbors yards. A couple days later, my neighbor’s gardeners come. They fire up their leaf blowers and blow Read more about Don’t be a leaf blower![…]

Cousin Dan at mt everest

Are you self-motivated?

self·motivation noun Ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations. “Dan completes all his tasks by 3pm on Mondays and leaves the office early to hang with his kids. His secret is self motivation and staying away from others with bad attitudes.”   Cousin Dan at Everest Base Read more about Are you self-motivated?[…]

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Hiring a Property Manager? – Ask These Questions…

  Property Managers are the backbone of your buy & hold rental business. While you’re sitting back and counting your money, they are watching over your affairs and handling all the dirty tasks that you don’t want to do. Finding a good property manager however, can be a hard task. There are hundreds of management Read more about Hiring a Property Manager? – Ask These Questions…[…]

Financial Independence Sunset

What does Financial Independence mean to you?

  Beyond the literal definition of Financial Independence, there’s a deep and personal meaning this term holds. Every time I ask someone “What does FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) mean to you?” I hear a unique and individual answer. It’s interesting hearing everyone else’s response. Most people describe freedom, flexibility and custom lifestyles, but no Read more about What does Financial Independence mean to you?[…]

Real Estate Syndication Complex

Syndications for Beginners: How to Vet Sponsors & Deals

  OK, so you’ve read about these so called ‘syndications’ and think you may want to give it a try… You’ve got a spare $50k in your checking account and feel bad that it’s just sitting there not earning any interest. Your friend one day says “hey, I know a guy that’s buying a mobile Read more about Syndications for Beginners: How to Vet Sponsors & Deals[…]

Shark sighting

Hello darkness, my old friend

Yesterday morning I went surfing. I was sitting pretty far out, things were fairly calm, until I noticed a dark, blurry presence in the water next to me. Oh shit,.. I hate that feeling… Could it be a shark? Is it my time to go? I moved very slowly. Leaning down on my board ready Read more about Hello darkness, my old friend[…]

Toilets aka Rental Properties

How Many Toilets Do You Own?

Newbie: “Real estate investing sounds so cool! How many rental properties do you own?” Me: I own 22 toilets. Newbie: “Huh? I was asking about your rental houses.” Me: I know. Let me tell you. Somewhere in Texas, there are 22 toilets that I own. Right now, and throughout the day, people are shitting in Read more about How Many Toilets Do You Own?[…]

Credit Card Hacking Photo

Credit Card Hacking – Personal Summary, Timeline & Notes

SUMMARY: It’s been 16 months We’ve opened 8 new credit cards Received $6,565 in signup bonuses and rewards travel We paid $457 in membership fees so far A whopping $149,000 in total available credit lines Starting credit score = 764 Current credit score = 810 I’ve been taking notes every time I applied for a Read more about Credit Card Hacking – Personal Summary, Timeline & Notes[…]

USA statistics

4th of July – Statistics for 2019

  🇺🇸 Today is Independence Day! 🇺🇸 Here is what we crazy American’s will get up to… – We will eat A LOT of hot dots today… About 150 million. – 37 million hot dogs will have come from Iowa. – And 70% of the lettuce in our salads was grown in California! – 26% Read more about 4th of July – Statistics for 2019[…]

Downsides to out of state rental properties

The Downsides to Owning Out of State Rental Properties (And How to Deal With Them)

There are downsides to owning out of state rental properties. Some of them can be combated with careful planning and extra ongoing efforts, while others are simply unavoidable. None of my rental properties are even remotely close to where I live. (In fact, the closest property I own is 1,463 miles away – just a Read more about The Downsides to Owning Out of State Rental Properties (And How to Deal With Them)[…]

How to stand out on Monday

How to STAND OUT on Mondays

Standing out on Mondays is easy!… (Just do the complete opposite of what all the regular people do) – Be alert while others are sleepy – Smile and be happy while others are grumpy – Get stuff done while others are procrastinating – Work hard while others are hoping and wishing life will magically get Read more about How to STAND OUT on Mondays[…]

Wake up and CHARGE the day!

  I’ve learned many life lessons from my dog. He is so wise. The latest thing he’s been teaching me is how to: Wake up happy and charge head first into every single day. It doesn’t matter what day it is, doesn’t matter what the weather is like, doesn’t matter what the stock market is Read more about Wake up and CHARGE the day![…]

Fourplex Saga Part 3

4 x Fourplex Saga – (Part 3) – Property Management & Accounting

  It’s now been a full 12 months since purchasing the last fourplex property, and I’ve learned a TON of stuff during this time. The buildings have mostly stabilized, and my personal involvement has shrunken down to just a few hours of work per month. In this post I talk about property management, and share Read more about 4 x Fourplex Saga – (Part 3) – Property Management & Accounting[…]

Real Estate Syndication Complex

Syndications for Beginners: What is a Real Estate Syndication?

  In late 2018, I changed my primary investment strategy to real estate syndications. I’ve invested $100k so far across 2 different apartment complex deals, and plan to fund another 2-3 syndication projects in 2019 also. What the heck is a real estate syndication anyway??? To help answer this question I’ve asked Michael Bishop from Read more about Syndications for Beginners: What is a Real Estate Syndication?[…]

Why are you in the water?

I was out surfing yesterday. The weather was perfect, waves were great, and I even saw some baby dolphins jumping around nearby! I was loving life. But as I swam past a couple other guys, I overheard them talking… They were complaining that the water was too cold, the tide was too low, and they Read more about Why are you in the water?[…]

making mistakes real estate

Making Mistakes in Real Estate – We All Do It

  Sometimes I feel like the world‘s worst real estate investor. Even with all the books, podcasts, and knowledge I’ve consumed over the years, I still regularly screw up, waste time, lose money, and make rookie mistakes. I’m not alone…   Perfect Investors: – don’t lose money, – don’t make mistakes – don’t need help Read more about Making Mistakes in Real Estate – We All Do It[…]

together we figure it out!

Everything is figureoutable

  Do you have a really hard problem to solve? Something you’ve never done before? Pull in a team member or friend to help! Still cant solve it? Bring in another person for advice. Then more people, if needed. The more people you bring together, the bigger your invisible collective brain grows. And with enough Read more about Everything is figureoutable[…]

5am agenda

5AM Activities – What Do You Do at 5AM Every Day?

Here’s a common question I get asked when people learn about my 5AM activities.   What the heck do you do at 5AM every morning?   The short answer is: Whatever I want! And the longer, more annoying answer is: It depends on the day. My morning routine and 5am activities change depending on what Read more about 5AM Activities – What Do You Do at 5AM Every Day?[…]

I Lava You!

2019 Valentines Day Statistics

  Here are some interesting statistics for you this Valentines Day: 72% of millennials say they would break up with their partner if they forgot Valentine’s Day. The average millennial spends $182 and over 27 hours planning their Valentines Day gifts for their sig-nif other. 54% of men in Italy dress up as Saint Valentine Read more about 2019 Valentines Day Statistics[…]

monday is hard

Motivation vs. Discipline

“Waaaah, my life is so hard. I wish I had more motivation to do my stuff.” Have you ever heard someone say this? Or have you said it yourself? Well instead of motivation, what might be needed is just a little discipline. There’s a big difference between motivation and discipline. – Motivation is fleeting – Read more about Motivation vs. Discipline[…]

How to Start Big Fights with Your Partner About Money

  I don’t mean to brag… but back in the day I used to be pretty awesome at starting fights about money. My expert skills earned me 7 messy break-ups, 3 National Asshole Awards, and countless nights sleeping on the couch! Unfortunately, I’ve lost my touch over the years, and my wife and I barely Read more about How to Start Big Fights with Your Partner About Money[…]

Prostitute High Heels

There’s a Prostitute in My Rental Property!

  There’s a Prostitute in My Rental Property!     You’ve probably heard the saying… “Pimpin’ aint easy”… And after my recent experience I can verify that this is 100% true! Especially since I didn’t even know I was pimpin’ to begin with! I’ve been a real estate investor (please note this is just a Read more about There’s a Prostitute in My Rental Property![…]