Keep it simple. Why complicate life?

Why complicate life?   Miss someone? ….Call Wanna meet up? ….Invite Wanna be understood? ….Explain Have questions? ….Ask Don’t like something? ….Change it Like something? ….Share it Want something? ….Earn it Love someone? ….Tell them! I love YOU guys. 🙂   Have a great Monday and remember to keep it simple! – Joel *Pic by Read more about Keep it simple. Why complicate life?[…]

Dumping Amazon PRIME

  Earlier this year I cancelled my Amazon PRIME membership. It’s not because I’m disgruntled or didn’t enjoy their service. I’m actually a huge fan of Amazon. My reasons for cancelling were: I realized the “benefits” of PRIME membership can easily be found elsewhere – free shipping, fast shipping, convenience, streaming, etc. is not unique Read more about Dumping Amazon PRIME[…]