Strategy Change

Changing Real Estate Investing Strategies

Earlier this year I found myself in a rut. A real estate investing rut. I had my head down focusing on buy/hold rental properties for so many years, I never really took a step back to consider my overall strategy and general position as an investor. In addition to this rut, a couple new factors Read more about Changing Real Estate Investing Strategies[…]

Tips to survive a 13 hour ✈️ flight!

I’m currently on a 13hr flight from Los Angeles —> Auckland. Long flights are tough. But here’s a few tips to help you survive… 1) Bring a small gift or some nice candy for your flight attendant 👩‍✈️. They will be surprised and hook you up with free beers and other goodies throughout your flight. Read more about Tips to survive a 13 hour ✈️ flight![…]

too much thinking

Less “think” and more “do”

  “What if you spend much of your time thinking about a lot of issues that concern you? You will spend less time taking action to solve these problems.”   This is a snip from a book I’m reading. Surprise, surprise, it’s a self-help book that analyzes successful people and breaks down their basic habits Read more about Less “think” and more “do”[…]

FinCon 2018 Reviews and Highlights

FinCon 2018 – Recap & Highlights from a First-Timer

  I just returned home from FinCon 2018 held in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time attending the conference, and it won’t be my last. The conference itself was educational, professional, and I came home with a lot of practical action items to help with my blogging. What happened outside conference hours, however, is Read more about FinCon 2018 – Recap & Highlights from a First-Timer[…]

Pay Yourself First Square Head

Is it Selfish to Pay Yourself First?

  When you hear “Pay Yourself First” what do you think of? It sounds like something a rich and greedy person would say… Let’s break it down:   Pay = something money related. Yourself First = something selfish. The complete opposite of what our parents taught us.   OK now let’s see what happens if Read more about Is it Selfish to Pay Yourself First?[…]

House Flip Case Study

Funding a House Flip – Numbers, Notes, and Q&A!

  Investing in a House Flip   For a long time my investment strategy has been “buy and hold” rentals. Specifically, small multi-family properties. This has been a slow and conservative way to building wealth through real estate. I’ve read about people that “flip” houses for quick profits, and it never really interested me in Read more about Funding a House Flip – Numbers, Notes, and Q&A![…]

motivation for me?

Need Motivation?… BE the Motivation!

  Need motivation? BE the motivation!   When I was younger, I got turned down for a job promotion at work. When I asked the hiring manager for reasons why I didn’t get the job, he said that something during my interview worried him. Apparently, when he asked me about teamwork, I told him: “My teammates Read more about Need Motivation?… BE the Motivation![…]

Surfing group

Who are you surfing with?

While surfing yesterday I noticed everyone was divided into 2 groups out in the water. The good surfers were way out at the deepest break, competing for the better waves. And the newer/beginner surfers all sat in a pack much closer to shore and caught the leftovers. I’m experienced enough to surf in either spot, Read more about Who are you surfing with?[…]

500 days

500 days left… until Year 2020!!

If you were going to start a 500 day challenge, this coming Sunday would be the perfect day to start. Because:   Exactly 500 days from Sunday it will be January 1st, 2020.   Even the tiniest positive change added into your daily routine, done consistently for 500 days in a row, could have you Read more about 500 days left… until Year 2020!![…]

happy monday!

Permission Granted

It’s Monday again. Remember these things… – You’re allowed to be happy. – You’re allowed to celebrate. – You’re allowed to look forward to today’s events. – Your attitude today is 100% in your control. Give yourself permission to feel good about today, and make it a great day.   Photo credit: Simon Abrams

Daily Date – How waking at 5am boosts my performance

  I’m very excited to share a guest post from another 5am Rockstar, Jemma Martin. Jemma is KILLING IT in both her business and personal life. She goes on a daily date – with herself – each morning that helps her plan, execute, and live life by her own design.    Daily Date – How Read more about Daily Date – How waking at 5am boosts my performance[…]

Just do it title

Financial Independence via JUST DO IT!

“What do you think sets apart successful people from those who give up, fail, or never even get started?” This is the final question at the end of every episode of my favorite podcast, BiggerPockets. It has been asked nearly 300 times to successful investors, business experts, and entrepreneurs who are guests on the show. Read more about Financial Independence via JUST DO IT![…]

Personal QBR

It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review

  It’s July 1st and time for your QBR!   What’s a QBR?   The last company I worked for had a grueling ritual at the beginning of each new sales quarter. Each sales rep had to prepare a detailed powerpoint presentation and deliver it to a room full of peers, managers, and executives from Read more about It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review[…]

Mondays don't suck

Mondays don’t suck. My attitude does.

Mondays don’t suck. – My attitude does – Today, a lot of people will be looking for excuses to be grumpy. They will blame Monday, their jobs, managers, commute time, workload, etc. I’m not gonna join them. It’s easier to adjust my attitude in the morning. I will find my morning bliss, and enjoy the Read more about Mondays don’t suck. My attitude does.[…]

More equals less ROE

When More Equity = Less Return

Woohoo! Your investment property has risen in value! But before we go out celebrating, let’s talk quickly about return on equity. Having more equity doesn’t necessarily mean that your returns are increasing. In fact, as your property value increases, your return on equity decreases. Wait a sec… What the heck does that mean? Let’s run Read more about When More Equity = Less Return[…]

Cyril Parkinson

Retire Early with Parkinson’s Law

    “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”     A dude named Cyril Parkinson wrote this phrase in the opening sentence of an essay published in 1955. (Original article here)   From what I gather, Parkinson was basically making fun of the government for wasting time and money. Read more about Retire Early with Parkinson’s Law[…]

4 x Fourplexes (Part 2): Investment Timeline and Numbers

  4 x Fourplexes… Part 2: Investment Timeline and Numbers   Finding The Fourplexes: Probably the coolest part of this story is that these Fourplexes were found and purchased off-market. Meaning, nothing was listed for sale publicly on the MLS, and I was the only investor who knew about it. No competition, no worries. One Read more about 4 x Fourplexes (Part 2): Investment Timeline and Numbers[…]

Dog reading

How I Bought 4 x Fourplexes in 12 Months – (Part 1)

How I Bought 4 x Fourplex Investment Properties in 12 Months – (Part 1)   In the last 12 months my brother and I purchased 4 x fourplex rental properties in a small town in Texas. These were all off market properties (not listed publicly for sale on the MLS), all purchased from the same Read more about How I Bought 4 x Fourplexes in 12 Months – (Part 1)[…]

NINKS No Income No Kids

From DINKS –> NINKS: No Income, No Kids

  Ever heard of a NINK? Probably not… because I just made it up. But you’ve heard of DINKs, right? Yeah, well, I’m throwing out a new acronym for those young couples out there that don’t have kids and don’t have to work anymore. NINKS = No Income, No Kids No Income? By “Income” I’m talking Read more about From DINKS –> NINKS: No Income, No Kids[…]

Fourplex investment property

My First Investment Property, Age 18

My First Investment Property… I was 18 years old and barely out of high school when I bought my first investment property. Actually, I should really say “stumbled upon” my first investment property. It was a family deal, driven mostly by my parents. Now before you go thinking that I was born with a silver Read more about My First Investment Property, Age 18[…]

Tracking my savings rate as a young kid

It all started with Mum…   I think about my savings rate in a different way than most people. It’s because of my Mum.   When I was a young kid, my Mum paid me and my siblings to do chores around the house. Pretty standard chores like doing the family laundry, vacuuming/mopping, dishes, yard Read more about Tracking my savings rate as a young kid[…]

5am challenge

Getting up at 5 AM: The First 30 Days

Getting up at 5 AM! The first 30 days of getting up at 5 AM is bittersweet. It’s awesome, but it can really suck at the same time. It’s not just mentally and physically exhausting, this seemingly minor life change bleeds into and affects almost every area of your life. Work performance changes, friends and Read more about Getting up at 5 AM: The First 30 Days[…]