Pay yourself first — Variations

You’ve probably heard of “pay yourself first” when it comes to money management… Well, a lesser known (but equally effective) tactic is to pay yourself first when it comes to other stuff in life, too… Pay yourself first in encouragement. If you don’t believe in yourself it’s hard for others to also. Pay yourself first Read more about Pay yourself first — Variations[…]

Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough

This came in from Paul in San Diego… 👇👇👇 “I struggle with composing responses to work emails. I want to make sure that when I respond to someone, I have all the information that may pertain to their request, neatly formatted the way I believe they want, along with other ‘helpful info’ too. But what Read more about Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough[…]

Using weighted matrix

Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)

Have you ever heard of or used a weighted decision matrix? It’s a pretty kick ass tool that helps you evaluate tough and complex choices in life. (or in business) Given that many of y’all readers are making big changes this year — switching jobs, buying homes, moving cities, etc — I thought maybe this Read more about Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)[…]

Ask Me Anything – Round 3 (Blogging and Writing Stuff)

Good morning! Here are the questions I got about writing and blogging, along with answers. For anyone out there that still has questions or wants to dig a lil deeper into something, I’m always open to chat and help wherever I can. Hit me up! ****** From Drew M:   I’d love to know if you Read more about Ask Me Anything – Round 3 (Blogging and Writing Stuff)[…]

Time = Life

Would you steal $20 out of someone’s wallet if they weren’t watching? Of course you wouldn’t. Because thieving is selfish and you wouldn’t want someone to steal money from you. What about stealing time? It’s only fair to respect other people’s time as much as you protect and respect your own. Some ancient cultures believe Read more about Time = Life[…]

Dog park, things to do at 5am

101 Things to do at 5am!

Here’s a list of 101 things you can do when you wake up at 5am. I’ve tried to categorize them, so you can choose based on whatever mood you’re feeling that morning. Try some out, and let me know what you like or don’t like! Personally, I’ve tried almost all of these things over the Read more about 101 Things to do at 5am![…]

Spending your minutes...

Spending your minutes…

Today, we all have 1,440 minutes. About 480 mins will be sleeping. That leaves less than 1,000 minutes to do all our other stuff. Today I’m going to spend my minutes: – Laughing and joking – Working smarter – Solving problems – Learning new things – Planning stuff – Complimenting people Today I’m *NOT* going Read more about Spending your minutes…[…]

Pay Yourself First Square Head

Is it Selfish to Pay Yourself First?

  When you hear “Pay Yourself First” what do you think of? It sounds like something a rich and greedy person would say… Let’s break it down:   Pay = something money related. Yourself First = something selfish. The complete opposite of what our parents taught us.   OK now let’s see what happens if Read more about Is it Selfish to Pay Yourself First?[…]

Daily Date – How waking at 5am boosts my performance

  I’m very excited to share a guest post from another 5am Rockstar, Jemma Martin. Jemma is KILLING IT in both her business and personal life. She goes on a daily date – with herself – each morning that helps her plan, execute, and live life by her own design.    Daily Date – How Read more about Daily Date – How waking at 5am boosts my performance[…]

Cyril Parkinson

Retire Early with Parkinson’s Law

    “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”     A dude named Cyril Parkinson wrote this phrase in the opening sentence of an essay published in 1955. (Original article here)   From what I gather, Parkinson was basically making fun of the government for wasting time and money. Read more about Retire Early with Parkinson’s Law[…]