Using weighted matrix

Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)

Have you ever heard of or used a weighted decision matrix? It’s a pretty kick ass tool that helps you evaluate tough and complex choices in life. (or in business) Given that many of y’all readers are making big changes this year — switching jobs, buying homes, moving cities, etc — I thought maybe this Read more about Weighted Decision Matrix Example – (And How To Make Your Own)[…]

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who else will?

Happy Thursday y’all! Today we got a message from Eric, a wise young reader from NYC!! 👇👇👇 ***** I’ve always been a firm believer in hard work and never felt I deserved anything that I did not work for. I’ve also realized that people want change and results, but frankly the reality is not everyone Read more about If you don’t believe in yourself, then who else will?[…]

work life balance

Work / Life “Balance” – Merge and Shift your Mindset

I’ve always found it hard to maintain a “work/life balance”. For most of my life, I thought that work and life had to be separated. Each one was allowed specific time, and you needed to spread the time evenly doing one or the other. Too much of work, or life, would throw the balance off. Read more about Work / Life “Balance” – Merge and Shift your Mindset[…]

surf art

Where there’s a will, there’s a wave

On Wednesday I went surfing, I was out there with about 50 other people. But, out of those 50 dudes, only 5-10 were actually catching all the waves. The other 40 guys were all missing out. Why?… They were either sitting in the wrong spot, too lazy to paddle for waves, too scared they were Read more about Where there’s a will, there’s a wave[…]

Easy choices hard life

What weakens you, strengthens you.

What weakens you, strengthens you. Imagine if life was always easy… From the moment you were born you got everything handed to you, you never got picked on as a kid, never given chores or hard work, everything was paid for, never had stressful choices to make, etc. If things were always easy, you’d wake Read more about What weakens you, strengthens you.[…]

When the going gets tough

You know that feeling of trying and trying and trying and not getting anywhere?… And then you try try try even more and things still don’t work out? Well, that’s the exact point that separates the true heroes from the quitters. That’s the point where you get to decide how interesting your life is going Read more about When the going gets tough[…]

Be a survivor of the unfairness!

Life isn’t fair. No matter what life throws your way, no matter how unfair it may seem, refuse to play the victim. Refuse to be ruled by fear, pessimism, and negativity. Refuse to quit. Be a warrior and work through whatever challenges you face in life with courage, love, and positivity. And continually push forward. Read more about Be a survivor of the unfairness![…]

Reasons to Always Work Harder

  Always do more than what you’re paid to do. Always go the extra mile. Here’s why: – You will get more opportunities (more specifically, you’ll be noticed by the people who hand out opportunities) – You will accumulate more skills – You will gain more negotiating power for flexible work terms – You will Read more about Reasons to Always Work Harder[…]