Cheers to all your hard work!

Do you have a job?

Do you work hard at your job?

Do you sometimes stay late and sacrifice personal time to better serve your customers?

Do you solve hard problems?

Do you have good ideas at work?

Are you a team player?

My guess is you answered YES to most of these questions (or all of them). And I want to say that I’m extremely proud of you for working so hard. You should be proud of yourself too!

Today is Labor Day in the US. And the reason we take this day off is to celebrate how awesome and hard working you all are. CHEERS to you!

Enjoy the long weekend. You’ve earned it.

Sold a surfboard yesterday… Had it listed for $350 but the guy wanted a discount… So I told him I’ll take $300 if he threw in some delicious craft beer also. He showed up with this Hazy IPA! 🙂