Your job isn’t that bad, is it?

There will always be something negative about your job. Something you don’t like that might be worth complaining about. BUT, there will always be something positive about your job, too. Actually, there are probably multiple positives. (Why you got it in the first place!) TODAY: Focus on the positives. When you focus on the good Read more about Your job isn’t that bad, is it?[…]

4 quick tips – for when you feel overwhelmed

Here’s a cool message I keep in my notebook and refer back to on days when I feel scattered… “To my sweet Joel… 💕  these are the four things I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed… 💕  I do the next right thing… 💕  I Finish what I start…💕  I Use what I have…💕  And I do what Read more about 4 quick tips – for when you feel overwhelmed[…]

Pain is temporary

Pain is temporary – you’ll get through it

  “Pain is temporary. It may last minutes, an hour, a day, or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.”   I got this quote from a Lance Armstrong book. (Yes, I know he’s a cheater and lied to the world about taking performance drugs… He’s probably Read more about Pain is temporary – you’ll get through it[…]

Unstoppable Attitude

“Don’t forget that the economy cannot stop your work ethic. It cannot stop your drive. It cannot stop your quest for self-education, self-improvement, and personal growth.” – Brandon Turner   – What book are you reading today? – What exercises are you doing? – How are you staying positive? – How are you staying creative? Read more about Unstoppable Attitude[…]

When the going gets tough

You know that feeling of trying and trying and trying and not getting anywhere?… And then you try try try even more and things still don’t work out? Well, that’s the exact point that separates the true heroes from the quitters. That’s the point where you get to decide how interesting your life is going Read more about When the going gets tough[…]

bedroom christmas lights

Holidays are over – get back to work!

  OK, you’ve had your fun. The holidays are over… Now it’s time to get back to your job and regular life. Wait, what?! Just because the holidays are over, who says we have to stop celebrating? I don’t know about you guys, but my decorations aren’t coming down anytime soon! No matter the season Read more about Holidays are over – get back to work![…]