If you can dream it –> you can do it.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”  – Nelson Mandela   Nelson is a smart guy. Today, he wants you to: – Think bigger – Try harder Because you’re more capable than you think you are Read more about If you can dream it –> you can do it.[…]

surf art

Where there’s a will, there’s a wave

On Wednesday I went surfing, I was out there with about 50 other people. But, out of those 50 dudes, only 5-10 were actually catching all the waves. The other 40 guys were all missing out. Why?… They were either sitting in the wrong spot, too lazy to paddle for waves, too scared they were Read more about Where there’s a will, there’s a wave[…]

giving a presentation

Presentation about writing

Earlier this week I delivered an online presentation. I usually shy away from public speaking. It’s scary and nerve wracking, and involves a lot of preparation and practice… But I committed to doing this one anyway, because I believe: Doing hard and scary things in life builds a stronger and more resilient person. After the Read more about Presentation about writing[…]

Don’t “should” on yourself

Over the holidays I was talking with a good friend about plans and goals for 2020. I told her I should probably find a job this year, should work out more, should drink less, etc.. My friend cut me off mid sentence and said: “Joel, don’t ‘should’ on yourself. Either do something, or don’t do Read more about Don’t “should” on yourself[…]

Why are you in the water?

I was out surfing yesterday. The weather was perfect, waves were great, and I even saw some baby dolphins jumping around nearby! I was loving life. But as I swam past a couple other guys, I overheard them talking… They were complaining that the water was too cold, the tide was too low, and they Read more about Why are you in the water?[…]

Surfing group

Who are you surfing with?

While surfing yesterday I noticed everyone was divided into 2 groups out in the water. The good surfers were way out at the deepest break, competing for the better waves. And the newer/beginner surfers all sat in a pack much closer to shore and caught the leftovers. I’m experienced enough to surf in either spot, Read more about Who are you surfing with?[…]