Mood follows action

Most humans have a tendency to wait until the mood strikes them before taking action.

We think things like, “I don’t feel inspired right now, maybe I’ll just do xyz later”. Or, “I’m not very motivated today, better start my project tomorrow when I’ve got energy.”

But the truth is: Moods follow actions. Not the other way around.

If you need motivation, go to your 2021 goals list and start doing one of the activities. Activity will pump you up. Just do it!

If you need a happiness boost, reach out to 5 friends and ask if you can help with their workload. Positive activity will cheer you up.

Happy Thursday! Time to get going! 🏃

“Behavior first. Thoughts, feelings and perceptions follow.” – Andrew Huberman

“We’ll its not everyday you see a Peacock on the roof of a house in the morning. This guy has a great view from there​.” – Taken by our friend in Arizona on Monday!