Why are you in the water?

I was out surfing yesterday. The weather was perfect, waves were great, and I even saw some baby dolphins jumping around nearby! I was loving life.

But as I swam past a couple other guys, I overheard them talking… They were complaining that the water was too cold, the tide was too low, and they weren’t catching enough waves.

This confused me, because I didn’t actually see them even paddle for any waves. They were just sitting there, heads down, freezing, not putting in any effort at all.

I thought to myself, “Why are these guys even in the water? If you’re going to complain and not even try for anything, what are you doing here?”

Anyway, this got me thinking about similar situations in real life. Sometimes we lace up our boots, stretch, and join the game with good intentions. But then as things get tough, or if conditions aren’t perfect, we complain. We forget that success (and fun) is 100% on us to create. We forget the reason we are in the water in the first place.

So… As you are headed off to work today or doing whatever it is that you signed up to do, I ask you this: “Why are you in the water today?”

dawn patrol surf app

I got a cool surf app for my apple watch that tracks the waves I catch. The longest one yesterday was 127 meters, not a bad wave!