Presentation about writing

Earlier this week I delivered an online presentation.

I usually shy away from public speaking. It’s scary and nerve wracking, and involves a lot of preparation and practice…

But I committed to doing this one anyway, because I believe: Doing hard and scary things in life builds a stronger and more resilient person.

After the presentation was over, a few cool things happened:

– A bunch of attendees reached out to me with good feedback. (It feels great to help other people!)

– I noticed many things I can improve on personally when presenting. (Improving my flaws is important to me)

– While preparing my slide deck, I researched and found a TON of information that I didn’t know before. (The best way to learn something is to try and teach it)

All in all, the Pros outweigh the Cons when it comes to public speaking. I vow to be more open-minded when opportunities come up in the future!


giving a presentation

PS. For all your blogging and writer nerds out there… My presentation was about the lessons I’ve learned writing over 1000 daily emails and short stories. I talked about my writing process, flow and format. I’m considering setting up a free zoom presentation for newbie writers. If you’re interested, shoot me a quick note with your time zone and I’ll see what I can organize. Thanks!