Busy vs Productive

busy vs productive

I used to think that staying busy and having a full calendar made me a “good worker”.

But then full days or even entire weeks would drift by without me being any closer to my goals. I may have been busy and working hard, but with little to show for it.

I’m now trying to retrain my brain. I’ve noticed I’m much more productive when I do these things:

  • I write to-do lists and constantly refer back to them throughout the day.
  • I also write ‘don’t-do’ lists and avoid those activities.
  • I’ve stopped multi-tasking. Applying extreme focus on 1 thing at a time gets me better results.
  • I killed all notifications on my phone. 99% of them aren’t urgent.
  • I work mostly inside my personal peak hours.

What’s on your calendar today? Any busy-work you can get rid of? Any distractions you can eliminate?

Happy humping day 🙂 – Joel


*Blurry photo up top by mauro mora!