Rejection: Disaster or Opportunity?

Yesterday I got some bad news. I was turned down for a job I applied for. Not just any job, this one I would have been perfect for, and I was very very very excited about the position and company.

Rejection sucks!

I’ll be honest with you guys… I feel pretty shit right now. And as much as I know there are logical reasons why I got turned down, I still feel crap.

So what do I do from here?….

I’ve been through this before. We all have. It just takes a little time, staying positive, and then things will start looking up again. This may be an opportunity in disguise.

Here are my plans today:

1) Take a 2 hour walk on the beach
2) Have a little cry
3) Think about how I can be better
4) Adjust my strategy accordingly
5) Find and focus on my next opportunity
6) Put my heart and soul into it
7) Move forward with my awesome life!

Happy Friday, all. It’s gonna be a great day.