The dead need us, just as much as we need them

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful Mexican holiday to remember and celebrate friends and family members who have passed away. This is my second year building an ofrenda at home.

Sitting here by the peaceful candlelight, I’m thinking two things:

– First, I’m thinking about the great lives these loved ones lived. Some of them I knew and were a part of, while others I have never met before. I’m celebrating and remembering their best personal qualities, accomplishments and fun stories from the past.

– Next, I’m dreaming about where they are now. A world I can’t even fathom, but must one day join myself. They can’t be too far away, because looking at these photos I feel connected to them. It’s as if they’re watching me, smiling and nodding their heads. I wonder if I’ll be doing the same one day, connecting with a kid who has my picture up on his mantle.

“There is no living without the dead, and no death without the living. In almost any interpretation, Día de los Muertos posits a universal truth: The dead need us as much as we need them.” – Daniel Hernandez


*Pic up top of my basic altar at home! 🙂