Don’t be a leaf blower!

I hate leaf blowers.

I hate leaf blowers

Every Monday my gardeners come and fire up 2 loud leaf blowers. They circle around my house blowing all the leaves, dust, sticks and rocks away from my yard and straight into my neighbors yards.

A couple days later, my neighbor’s gardeners come. They fire up their leaf blowers and blow the leaves and stuff away from them and right back to my house. It repeats week after week.

Every house on my block participates in this strange ritual. We all push our leaves and yard waste back and forth to each other. No gardener actually picks up the leaves. They just get blown around.

Admittedly, I can relate to this when I’m going about my day. Sometimes instead of fixing my problems I just blow them away to someone else temporarily. Then shortly afterwards my issues show right back up on my front door step.

I have no right to get angry at the gardeners, when I’m doing the exact same thing.

Today, when I’m attacking my to-do list, I’ll remain conscious about if I’m delaying my problems or actually solving them. No more blowing leaves for me!

Happy Monday, have a great day!
– Joel

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