Disasters: Human Behaviour

How Do People Behave During a Disaster?   Chatting with a friend last week, he told me he was stocking up on guns, ammo, and weapons… He said he’s planning for “when people start to turn on each other”. Maybe he’s seen too many doomsday movies. During a crisis, do humans really turn to theft, Read more about Disasters: Human Behaviour[…]

Legacy Graph

Your 200 Year Plan: Your Legacy

  The presenter asked, “By show of hands, who out there has a 5 year plan?” About 200 of us were all packed inside a mid-sized training room at my company headquarters. I raised my hand. Looking around it surprised me that most of the audience had their hand up also. Apparently everyone these days Read more about Your 200 Year Plan: Your Legacy[…]

Toilets aka Rental Properties

How Many Toilets Do You Own?

Newbie: “Real estate investing sounds so cool! How many rental properties do you own?” Me: I own 22 toilets. Newbie: “Huh? I was asking about your rental houses.” Me: I know. Let me tell you. Somewhere in Texas, there are 22 toilets that I own. Right now, and throughout the day, people are shitting in Read more about How Many Toilets Do You Own?[…]

Credit Card Hacking Photo

Credit Card Hacking – Personal Summary, Timeline & Notes

SUMMARY: It’s been 16 months We’ve opened 8 new credit cards Received $6,565 in signup bonuses and rewards travel We paid $457 in membership fees so far A whopping $149,000 in total available credit lines Starting credit score = 764 Current credit score = 810 I’ve been taking notes every time I applied for a Read more about Credit Card Hacking – Personal Summary, Timeline & Notes[…]