Challenge this week: Impress yourself

Got a challenge for you this week… Find 5 quiet little ways to impress yourself.

Don’t worry about other people, their reactions, or how it makes you look. These 5 little things are done by YOU, for YOU.

Also keep in mind these don’t have to be achieving huge milestones or personal goals. Just small stuff, like…

  • clean up your work desk
  • make a meal you haven’t tried before
  • sneak an extra 30 minutes of reading in
  • write tomorrow’s to-do list, tonight
  • save $50 instead of spending it
  • do a quick 10 push ups, or 60 seconds of planking
  • do something that scares you, or a task you’ve been avoiding because of nervousness

Wishing you a confident, happy, and organized week ahead. Impress yourself!
– Joel 👊

From Jim C. –> “I made a great deal yesterday and spent it hiking the trails of Yosemite”