Screw ups are inevitable

Today, you will probably:

  • screw something up
  • waste some time
  • waste some money
  • miss an opportunity
  • eat something unhealthy

But that’s totally ok! We can’t be perfect all day every day. We are humans, not robots. We make mistakes.

As long as we try to…

  • learn from our screw ups
  • get most of our to-do list done
  • not waste too much money
  • create or find new opportunities
  • eat an apple once in a while

…then we’re doing pretty dang good I think! (Ok, maybe it takes more than an apple to be healthy, but you get the point)

Today: Don’t dwell on the first list. Screw ups are inevitable. Instead, focus on the second list and be the best imperfect human you can.

Happy Thursday! 🙌
– Joel

Today is my older brother’s birthday. (Happy Birthday, Mike!) Pic is from about 1988, back in Australia where we grew up.

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