Bright sides

I’m tired and exhausted. (but maybe that’s a good thing… it’s evidence that i’m working hard, playing hard and living life to the fullest)

My house is a wreck. (also kind of a good thing… it means we’re using our space fully, and we’re blessed to have room to host)

I have to work this week. (I can’t complain though, because I actually love my work. And i get to do it anywhere/anytime)

I’m anxious about traveling tomorrow. (I guess getting out of my comfort zone is a good thing though… it means i’m learning new things and seeing new places)

I spent way too much money this month. (but that’s what it’s there for! I also made good money this month)


There’s a bright side to every complaint in life. It just requires flipping your perspective a little 😉

What are you complaining about today? (and what is the bright side you will focus on instead?)

Have a good one,
– Joel

Tired, happy and full.