Successful vs. Unsuccessful People

I’ve sent this list out before — but it never gets old. Every time I see it there’s a couple things in my life I’m reminded of that I need to change.

Successful People:

– Want others to succeed too
– Adapt to and welcome change
– Share and discuss ideas
– Take responsibility for failures
– Never stop learning
– Compliment others
– Forgive others

Unsuccessful People:

– Want others to fail
– Are scared of change
– Start rumors and gossip
– Blame others for mistakes
– Think they know everything
– Criticize others
– Hold grudges


Today: Pick one of the traits within the top list to work on… and also one on the bottom to shed in your life.

Happy Tuesday. Go get ’em.
– Joel

Pic from Alicia… “sunset in the grounds of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, UK. I’m no photographer but it’s such a lovely place it’s hard not to get a decent shot here and there”