More value, more effort placed.

Sally had a habit of misplacing and losing her pens. She always bought cheap pens so she didn’t have to worry about replacement costs.

Sally just assumed she was a “careless and forgetful person”, and lived her life that way.

Then one day her friend suggested she try buying the most expensive pen she could afford and see what happens. Sally did just that, and bought a fancy Montblanc pen for $950.

About 6 months later Sally’s friend asked how she was doing and if she was still losing pens. Sally said No! She was very careful and diligent with her new pen, and couldn’t believe how she had changed as a person!

Her friend pointed out to Sally that it was simply the perceived value of the pen that changed things — there was nothing wrong with Sally herself in the first place.


I think this happens a lot in life… People label themselves with weaknesses and believe there is something wrong with them as a person. How many times have you heard…

“I’m just not great at keeping in touch with old friends” or “I’m not really a fitness type of person” or “I’m a workaholic so no time for vacations”

But the truth is, we are more careful with the things we place value on.

If we value our health, we eat well and work out. If we value our free time, we don’t waste a minute of it. If we value our friends and family, we build our life to revolve around them.

Happy Saturday, y’all! Wishing you a great weekend, remembering your values and spending your effort on what matters to you.

Love, Joel

My (very expensive) new toy! My wife and I value cooking and love being outdoors 🙂