Motivational Hotline —> Call (707) 873-7862

Feeling lethargic? Need a pep talk? Call this motivational hotline…

Hotline number for motivation

Some students over at West Side Elementary School in Healdsburg, California started a project called PepToc. It’s a bunch of pre-recorded motivational messages to help encourage you, pull you out of a slump, or give little bits of life advice.

Try it!! Just call (707) 873-7862 and listen to some of the messages. These kids are so cute (and surprisingly very wise!)

The recordings are available in both Spanish and English.

The motivational hotline is a project called “PepToc” and is sponsored by donations mostly as West Side Elementary is a small rural school. You can donate here: PepToc Hotline Fundraiser. The students will continue to add new motivational messages, pep talks and other fun stuff!

Motivational Hotline Number

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