You are smarter than you think…

Try reading this… Eevn tgouhh tehse wrods rea wirettn unisg jembuld lerttes, uyo cna sitll porbblay udnresnatd waht m’i syanig… T’is baucsee uoy rea sartmre tahn uoy tnihk oyu rea! Today: Trust your gut feelings, your natural intuition, and listen to your spidey-senses… Your ability to figure things out quickly is better than you think. Read more about You are smarter than you think…[…]

Peptalk Hotline Number

Motivational Hotline —> Call (707) 873-7862

Feeling lethargic? Need a pep talk? Call this motivational hotline… Some students over at West Side Elementary School in Healdsburg, California started a project called PepToc. It’s a bunch of pre-recorded motivational messages to help encourage you, pull you out of a slump, or give little bits of life advice. Try it!! Just call (707) Read more about Motivational Hotline —> Call (707) 873-7862[…]