Your blind spots

Someone gave me some feedback recently…

They asked me to “try to smile more and have a positive look” (when dropping my kid off at school in the morning).

Tbh I was pretty shocked to hear this! I thought I already was a smiley and positive dude, especially around kids. But apparently not enough!

Then I thought about it more… Maybe I do show a slight sad face when dropping my kid off? (I do feel sad leaving him). Maybe I should try changing that.

And then I thought further… I wonder what other blind spots I have in life? If it wasn’t for people telling me and pointing it out, I would never know how to improve.


Great reminder for any of y’all that receive constructive feedback… Might be hard to hear at first, but, maybe their comments have merit? Can you be better from it?

Happy Tuesday my friends!
– Joel

“Iā€™m drying my rose petals.Their beauty is palpable” — sent in from Rosie šŸ˜

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