Tiny things I’m celebrating…

Yesterday, I received this check in the mail…

I know it’s only for 1 cent, but it’s better than 0 cents, right?!


Earlier this week on my morning walk, I found this pack of sweeper wipe refills on the side of the road…

Woohoo! I love finding free stuff! (And my house could use a good sweep right now 😅)


Lastly, I just found one of my favorite pens i lost a few months ago. It was hiding in a backpack I rarely use.

Woohoo! Time to draw and write some stuff 🥳


I know these are all really small things to celebrate (compared to other people’s big wins in life)… But, it’s the small stuff that keeps me excited day after day, week after week, year after year, etc.

And just like Tim Ferriss sad… “Guess what — if you don’t celebrate the small things, you’re not actually going to be very good at celebrating the big things, either”

Have an awesome day!!
Love, Joel