Gratitude improves all your experiences

Gratitude. Gratitude unlocks the fulness of life. – It turns what we have into enough (and more) – It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. – It turns regular meals into feasts, houses into homes, strangers into friends. – Gratitude brings you peace. It makes sense of your past, and gives Read more about Gratitude improves all your experiences[…]

Nothing will come of nothing

  “Nothing will come of nothing. You will gain nothing if you invest nothing“ ​ Today, I’m up early, investing a tiny bit of time and effort to better myself. Reading, writing, and reflection. I’m noticing that these tiny activities —> pay massive dividends. 😀 Cheers to an awesome Sunday. It’s gonna be a great Read more about Nothing will come of nothing[…]

Your blessed life…

  YOU are extremely fortunate. You’ve been blessed with an awesome life so far. If you think back and try to count all the blessings you have – you can’t count them all… Blessings are infinite! And today, even more blessings and opportunities await you. Good fortunes are just hanging around out there ready for Read more about Your blessed life…[…]