Promise me this…

For much of my life, I woke up on Sunday mornings with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Only 1 day left until work starts again 🙁”…

I could never nail down why I felt this way (I didn’t hate my jobs or the people or anything). I guess I just thought most people felt that way on Sundays. I mean, nobody looks forward to working, right?

If YOU wake up on Sundays and feel crap about Monday, promise me this: Do something about it.

  1. Change your attitude towards “work”. Work is a good thing in life, not a bad thing.
  2. Enjoy your time off. If you spend your off-time worrying about your on-time, it’s not truly a break. You’re robbing yourself of free time. Tomorrow’s problems can be solved tomorrow.
  3. Fill your weekend with meaningful stuff. Looking back, my idea of “relaxing” was to sit and do nothing. Whilst this felt good in the short term, I now realize I burned through weekends making zero progress towards my life goals. This only made my Sunday shit feelings grow worse.
  4. Change work. (I’m cautious saying this, because quitting your job isn’t the answer to becoming happy in life). But, if you truly dislike what you do, and wake up every day wanting to do something else, make a change. Don’t suffer unnecessarily – you have options.

Happy Sunday, y’all. Make the most of it!
– Joel


Wife got me a kite for my bday! I let it get up to about 200ft high – and there was still plenty of string left! So the next super windy day I’m gonna see if I can’t let this sucker out all the way and touch the clouds 🙂