Success requires absolute commitment

Happy Monday!!

I saw this phrase the other day… “Success requires absolute commitment.”

It’s got me thinking, am I absolutely committed to my goals? Or just like, mostly committed?

  • Would I get up 2 hours earlier in the freezing morning to work on my goals?
  • Would I say No to drinking with my buddies so I can work late on a personal project?
  • Would I pay for training, courses, or professional coaching to better my chances of success?
  • Would I persist relentlessly even though all my friends laughed or thought I was nuts?

You bet your ass I would.

Success requires absolute commitment.

How about you? Are you 100% dedicated to your stuff this week?

Make it a great day!


Success requires absolute commitment
Sunrise at Atelier Playa Mujeres Beach, Cancun. Some of my friends visited this resort last year, and I’m planning a trip soon myself hopefully!