Slow down Sunday

“S…l…o…w… it all down.

Pause from your full calendar and long task list.

Take a moment – or ten – to simply be.

Remind yourself that this is life, right here and right now.

To reacquaint yourself with your pulsing heart and incredible body that allows you to do all that you do.

To remember that life is precious and fragile and should be lived in love.

To remind yourself that whatever is happening or wherever you find yourself in your journey, it is all that is supposed to be.”

– Nikki Banas, @walktheearthwriter


Happy Sunday y’all! Wishing you a slow and peaceful day, just being your awesome self. 🙂
– Joel

Pic from B: “Sunset yesterday in Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Epic and almost to and completely engulfing.”