The Bright Sides

I am tired and exhausted. (but maybe that’s a good thing… it means I’m working hard, playing hard and living life to the fullest 💪)

I feel anxious about traveling tomorrow. (I guess that’s a good thing too… It means I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing to new places ✈️)

I have to clean my whole house today. (Actually, I love my beautiful house… Cleaning it reminds me of how blessed we are to live in such a large and cozy space 🙏)

Work is getting more challenging. (But that means I’m learning new things and punching above my weight! 🙌)

The weather is freezing right now. (But i’ve got hot coffee, about 100 different teas and warm drinks to try, as well as warm clothes to put on 🧦)

All in all… I can’t complain about anything. My life is full of blessings.

What are you complaining about today? (and what are your bright sides?)

Love, Joel

Bundling up on our morning walks. It’s down in the 40’s some mornings! Brrrr.