There are always bright sides…

Yesterday, our hot water heater broke.

It sucks because we only got it last year and they’re charging us to come out and fix it, even though it’s under warranty. In the meantime, we have cold showers… 🥶

BUT, here is why I’m in a good mood and feeling extremely lucky:

  1. Anytime something breaks in my house I have a chance to learn something new.
  2. When the mechanic gets here today, I have several plumber-related dad jokes to share with him. I get to make someone’s day!
  3. In the grand scheme of things, this is a relatively small disaster. It could have been worse! And it happened at a surprisingly convenient time for me.
  4. We are fortunate enough that the repair bill won’t impact our finances much. In fact, I’ll probably forget about this whole incident in a few months.

Even when shitty things happen, there is always a bright side.

Happy Tuesday my friends!
– Joel

Me trying to diagnose the issue (in proper character).