Grab a “GivingCard”

Hey dudes! Got some fun news…

My awesome employer is giving away a bunch of $25 gift cards so that you can use them to do good in your community!

Just fill in the form here and tell them your fun ideas and how you’re going to use the money to improve the lives of others. They’ll review the submissions and send you physical cards to carry out deeds.

Better hurry, cause they’ll run out fast. If you need ideas for nice things to do with the $25, here’s a few I can think of:

  • Buy some flower seeds for your neighbors to plant in their front yard. It’ll brighten their day as well as other people walking by when the flowers grow.
  • Give the $25 to some hard working parents you know to go on a date night while you babysit their kids 🙂
  • Buy a random family $25 worth of gas for their tank (Gas is a huge pain point in many people’s lives right now)
  • Take a homeless person to the thrift store and help get them a jacket for the winter. Or take them out to a nice meal.

Fill out the form. Get a card. Do good things!

Happy Thursday 🙂
Love Joel