It’s gonna be a great week!

Happy Monday! And happy 1st of the month!!

A few reminders for today…

1) Mondays are the easiest days to stand out from the crowd. A smile, positive attitude, and a couple jokes up your sleeve… People need cheering up and today is a great opportunity to be a leader.

2) Do small things, in a great way. You don’t have to do massive things today… Conquering the world takes time. Just focus on doing small things, in a massive way.

3) You are loved, valued and appreciated. Mondays can be a grind. But it’s all worth it because it’s building a great life for you and the people around you. In case nobody else says it, THANK YOU for what you do.

Ready set GO — let’s have a great week!
– Joel

Sultan Joel: Ruler over all the candy.