Great Expectations

A friend sent me this recently…

“I was reflecting on conditions where I do excellent work and times when I can’t seem to get there. I find that when I am expected to do great work, whether the client believes in me or my employer is enthusiastic about how I might help with an assignment – I often live up to the expectation. When there is skepticism and doubt in the room I can still do good work. But some of the negative expectation seeps in and this brings the excitement level down and you won’t get my best. Good leaders know this instinctively but many don’t.”


I love this, because it’s not just applicable in business… It works the same in the real world with friends, relationships, kids, etc.

When you expect the best from people, they usually rise to the occasion. If you have low expectations, it can manifest let downs.

Today: Expect the best from everyone! (that includes yourself, too 😉)

Have a good one!
– Joel

More encouraging sticky notes from strangers at Starbucks yesterday! 😍