Friday celebration routine 🥳

Happy Friday lovely people!

What a great day to celebrate some of the fun things going on in our lives.

What’s new with you?

Here’s a few cool things going on in my world I’m celebrating…

– this week we received an offer on one of our rental properties. And although it was the lowest and most offensive low ball offer I’ve ever received in my life, I learned some really important lessons during the process! I love learning new things, no matter how the opportunity is presented.

– I ran 6 miles this week! (Yes, I realize this is not much compared to the marathons that other people ran, but the reason I am celebrating my 6 miles is because it is 6 more miles than the 0 that I ran last week.

– I bought ANOTHER surf board. Ooops. Got a killer deal at only $65 and the guy is even going to deliver it to my house on Sunday 🙂

– The weather is a absolutely perfect this weekend, and we’re on a wine tasting trip with family and friends 🙂

Life is good!

What are you celebrating this wonderful Friday?

One of our fav wine makers called Flying Goat!