Be a better friend — to yourself!

Would you ever say to your friend…?

– you’re not very pretty
– don’t try that new thing, you will probably fail
– you’re not smart enough because you didn’t do enough school
– don’t apply for that job… there are too many other candidates and you probably won’t get it.

Would you ever say these things to your friends?

Of course not!!! Because they are mean and deflating. Your friends would leave you if you talked like this.

So why then, do we sometimes feel the need to say this type of stuff to ourselves?

I hate to admit it, but i’ve said every statement up there to myself. More than once. I critique myself unfairly.

Maybe we should be a better friend — to ourselves. Motivate and encourage ourself more. Give ourself compliments. Uplift, cheer, inspire and support ourselves.

YOU are the most important friendship YOU will ever have.

Treat yourself accordingly 🙂
– Joel

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