Top 10 morning emails from this year…

It’s been an awesome year. Thank you everyone for reading, sharing, and replying to these morning emails. I love you all.

In the spirit of reflection, I pulled a report to show the most popular emails (based on total view/share count) from the past 12 months.

Out of the 350+ morning emails sent, here are the top 10 that people liked overall…


1. Are you waiting for an elevator? — “Is there a set of stairs nearby you could start slowly climbing instead?”

2. Is your problem really that bad? — “If you think about the struggles and horrors that other people truly go through — you’ll realize your problems really aren’t that bad.”

3. You are an EAGLE 🦅 — “Eagles can do whatever they want. And so can you. Don’t let anyone tell you differently”

4. Laughing at Albert Einstein — “Don’t let criticism destroy your dreams. The only person who never makes a mistake is the one who doesn’t do anything.”

5. Secret to being good at life — “If we try hard all the time — even on the crappy days when life is hard — we learn to handle everything.”

6. The Two travelers — “It doesn’t matter what environment you are in, your optimism and perspective shapes your reality.”

7. The Two doormen — “You can make or break someone’s day by your mindset and perspective, so it’s best to be upbeat and share the good things about your situation.”

8. 4% pain, for 96% gain — “60 mins of work out makes the other 1,380 minutes of the day better. That’s a good time trade.”

9. The Young Buffalo 🦬 — “People want you to succeed in life and will help you get ahead. You just need to stand your ground and TRY.”

10. Increasing your chance of apples 🍎 — “new and random experiences introduce the potential for new opportunities. It’s like visiting new parts of the orchard. Suddenly you’re surrounded by hundreds of apples!””


There you have it!

I’m curious… if you had a favorite morning email that wasn’t in this top 10 list, which one was it? Let me know so I can keep that type of stuff in mind when coming up with new writings in 2022!

**Update: Here are some runners up that people said were their favs…**

Have a great Tuesday my friends,

– Joel

It’s the most… wonderful time… of the year!