Are you waiting for an elevator?

Last week at our hotel, my wife and I noticed a really long line for the elevators.

Since our room was on the 4th floor, and we were only there to grab something real quick from the room, we decided instead to take the stairs.

It took us about 5 minutes to walk up, grab what we needed from the room and come back down the stairs… And when we got back to the lobby, we noticed the same group of people still waiting in line for an elevator!

We completed our entire trip —the hard way— before other people made any progress — the easy way.

Why didn’t they just take the stairs?


I think there’s a commonality in life, business, money, etc…

Most people wait their entire lives for elevators to pick them up. They want an express pass to success.

But elevators to success are extremely rare, and sometimes nonexistent.

Stairs however are a guaranteed path upwards. Sure, they’re more effort. But the effort has a tried and true pay off. And sometimes they’re actually faster than elevators!

So I ask you today: Are you waiting for a success elevator? Is there a set of stairs nearby you could start slowly climbing instead?

Make it a great day,
– Joel

A staircase to nowhere. Snapped this pic while thinking up this topic on a morning run 🙂