Is your problem really that bad?

Hello. Does anyone want to swap problems with me today?

I’ll trade you. You give me the biggest problem you’re dealing with, and I’ll swap it for the biggest ugliest hairiest problem I’m currently dealing with.

Want to trade? Think it will be a fair trade?

Research shows that if everyone put their problems into a bucket, and you had a chance to either choose someone else’s problem, or just deal with your own, most people would choose to stay with their own.

Because if you think about it — the struggles and horrors that other people truly go through — you’ll realize your problems really aren’t that bad.

Everyone has problems. Be thankful for the ones you got.

My little brother in San Diego is on a challenge to surf 66 days in a row, rain hail or shine. I think he’s up to day 60! He shot me this last night right before sunset.