A frugal and effective happiness trick…

Mornin’ happy people!

Today I’m sharing a snippet from a post over at The Frugal Girl. (h/t to J.Money for sharing with me!)


“Another tip that’s both frugal and effective in boosting happiness: a decade ago I started a project where I took two empty jars, and put “good moments” in one jar, and “bad moments” in another jar.

A good and bad times jar.

(The good times and bad times jars: first edition)

I repeated this exercise for a few years, then in 2017, to be more practical, I decided to dedicate a notebook to this purpose, and to only include good moments. I started with “3 good things that happened today”, then “at least 3 good things” because 3 wasn’t enough, and now it’s “at least 5 good things”.

A twist to Kristen’s Thankful Thursdays, if you will. If you’re ever feeling down at some point in your life, I encourage you to try this for a few weeks. It’s free, and the results may surprise you.

For example, I learnt that most moments that brought me joy were shared with friends or family. This surprised me because I’m a huge nerd, and one of the most introverted people you’d ever meet! So now I know that when I’m feeling down, I should reach out to a friend or favorite family member and things will get better.”


This is just one of a million cool ideas over at The Frugal Girl blog. Check out the site if you have some time!

Have a great day, all! 🌻 Go fill up that good jar!
– Joel


**Featured image by Universal Eye. Cheers!