See a nicely decorated house? Give them $5.

When I was a kid, there was a house in my neighborhood that always had HUGE Christmas decorations each year on their front lawn. I mean, MASSIVE decorations. It must have taken them hours to set up and take down each year, not to mention the electricity it cost them to run.

Later in life I found out my Mum sometimes put $5 in an unmarked envelope, and dropped it off in their mailbox each year as a Thank You for brightening the neighborhood.

This year I plan to do the same for my neighbors with big decorations. It truly does brighten my day seeing houses all decorated and I want to encourage them to keep doing it!

(Not sure if you follow my other blog… but I recently wrote a post about giving with 10 or so other fun giving ideas if you’re interested in trying some out!)

Happy Sunday! It’s a great day, to have a great day! 😎
– Joel

Walking Cooper and his friend Koda!