Finding your balloon 🎈

A teacher once asked all the school students to grab 1 balloon, inflate it, write their name on it, and throw it in the hallway. The teacher mixed all the balloons up randomly…

The students were then given 5 minutes to all run into the hallway and find the balloon with their name on it. It was chaos! With everyone scrambling, nobody found their balloon.

After that, the teacher told the students to try another tactic. Everyone just grab the first balloon they see, then hand it to the person who’s name was written on it. It worked perfectly. Within 5 minutes, everyone had their balloon given to them.

Here was the teacher’s lesson from the exercise…

“These balloons are like happiness. We’ll never find it if everyone is only out looking for themselves. But if we care for other people’s happiness –> we’ll find ours too.”


You might have seen this story floating around on facebook or something, but i thought it was a cool reminder to share.

TODAY: Find someone’s balloon. Give it to them. You might just find your happiness too int he process 🙂

Happy Saturday!
– Joel


**Balloon pic by Adi Goldstein