Friday reminders…

Happy Friday! Quick reminders for today… – Look for the humor in stuff: Even when crap hits the fan, there’s always a funny side! – Celebrate the small stuff: I plan to have about 20 mini-celebrations today when tiny things go right. Don’t care how small it is, nobody can stop me from celebrating life. Read more about Friday reminders…[…]

Priate approach to problems

Problem Approach…

  ”The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem” – Captain Jack Sparrow    If you try and solve a problem with an angry or closed mindset, you’re adding difficulty to an already hard situation. But if you step back, remove any arrogance, get another perspective, appreciate the difficulty, Read more about Problem Approach…[…]

Persist in the face of obstacles!

  With a Growth Mindset: – You embrace change – You persist in the face of obstacles – You always put in 100% – You learn from criticism – You’re inspired by others! A growth mindset allows you to reach higher levels of achievement. With a Fixed Mindset: – You avoid change – You give Read more about Persist in the face of obstacles![…]

Hour glass 1% of the year

Action before 4pm today…

  Today is January 4th. And around 3.50pm today, exactly 1% of the year will have already passed. Man, time flies! So if you have any goals for 2020 that you haven’t started yet, it’s time to start! Consider doing just one tiny little action before 3.50pm today, or 1% of your goal. Getting started may be Read more about Action before 4pm today…[…]